Informed Intelligence

Developing a decision sciences foundation for the future

The big data age in which we live, is creating new worlds of opportunity to transform business operations and engage with customers. The influence of these innovations will only continue to grow.

Decision sciences and data analytics can align consumer-driven technologies with process improvement efforts. As a result, organizations can achieve new levels of speed, responsiveness, quality and agility. Yet many IT organizations are slow to embrace decision sciences and data analytics initiatives because of their inherent complexity. They may also be lacking in the right knowledge in-house skills or resources required to tackle the projects.

Fox-technology intelligent data discovery and data driven decision making services can step in to identify gaps in your current processes and provide actionable approaches that produce effective results. Our data discovery experts work closely with technology and business leaders across your organization to generate data driven insights. We can help you better extract and act on targeted information with our wide technology and domain expertise because of our vast experience in using the latest data discovery and data analytics tools and platforms.

Our decision science process consists of four stages:

  • Assessment and evangelize – In this first phase, our experts work to understand your competitive landscape, assess business issues and drivers, and help you envision the future of the business you want to be.
  • Data Discovery and strategizing – In the second phase, our experts research IT drivers, map existing and planned projects to business issues, and prioritize short-term and long-term goals.
  • Architecting – In the third phase, our experts take a deep look at IT infrastructure to design the best strategies to integrate data and business processes with existing and new technologies and solutions.
  • Developing roadmaps – In the final phase, our experts analyze technical approaches, prioritize recommendations, and propose various solutions.