Next Generation Enterprise Cloud Governance and Security Services

Consistence and availability with robust cloud security and governance

Governance means three things in a nutshell – do the right things; do things right; and measure both. Next generation enterprise cloud governance is all about applying specific policies and principles to secure applications and data when they are located remotely. These policies and principles should be integrated with existing IT governance and not introduced in isolation. Fox-technology helps companies determine the best approach to integrate new processes with existing IT governance policies, dashboards and tools. In day to day operations, we provide assistance with metering, billing, and chargebacks for constant cost-efficiency gains.

Our Next Generation Enterprise Cloud Governance Framework includes specific aspects of IT governance that are unique to cloud computing value creation, benefits, risk, and resource optimization.

Fox-technology cloud security and governance services include:

Cloud governance lifecycle model Setting up of secure governance practices
Finance management Risk reports and remediation plans
Cloud security Next generation enterprise cloud governance

Three stages of cloud transformation to accelerate innovation and drive greater efficiency