Data Frameworks

Create the map to great data

Overwhelmed by the information blizzard? Fox-technology can help you better extract and act on targeted information with our data management and governance frameworks. We’re experienced with the latest data management tools and technology platforms. And, we’ve built accelerators and frameworks that leading enterprises use to research and implement data analytics initiatives.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Assessment Framework focuses on the evaluation process and recommends solutions, roadmap and project plans, and methods to ensure successful adoption.

RUBIC Master Data Management Framework generates robust applications in a matter of days. The metadata-driven RUBIC MDM framework offers considerable advantages over custom-built solution in terms of features and flexibility.

Data Quality Framework provides processes to assess, manage, control and improve enterprise data over time.

Data Governance Framework defines policies and procedures for classifying, organizing, and communicating complex activities around decisions and taking action on enterprise data.

Data Integration Architecture Framework addresses operational data stores, data warehouse and data mart implementations.