Cloud Infrastructure and Implementation Services

Build a cloud tailored to address your business needs in an agile way

Building an agile, cloud-first environment that aligns with an organization’s business objectives requires experience that spans industries and multiple use cases. Fox-technology assures scalable cloud adoption by putting together foundational elements including system and network design, security, resiliency, availability, scalability, SSO, and migrate applications with minimum interruption to business. We have established partnerships with major cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Salesforce which helps us design tailor-made cloud solutions suited to cater to your every need. We create data centers that minimize IT footprint, and build cloud environments optimized for single-view management and effective governance.

Fox-technology cloud infrastructure and implementation services include:

Cloud data center design, sizing and build Private cloud build-out
CI CD platform Cloud infrastructure and application deployment

By leveraging third-party tools and pre-defined templates designed for specific workloads, we deliver a faster, cost-effective and successful transition while ensuring zero business downtime. Fox-technology ensures swift adoption of cloud using D-Engine, a homegrown automation platform, and Cloud Bag, a rich repository of over 200 parameterized templates and scripts. The scripts help roll out the intended landscape of the underlying infrastructure that include major components of any cloud environment for example, subscription, network, security, LBs, VMs, monitoring and management tools. Validation of resources is built into the automation process and tools.