Data Analytics COE

Innovate with our dedicated, state-of-the-art Big Data & Data Analytics CoEs

Data analytics is not just about managing more or diverse data. It’s about asking new questions, formulating new hypotheses, exploring and discovering new data realms, and making data-driven decisions.

Data analytics services and solutions can help you harness the power of big data without exhausting your human and infrastructure resources. Fox-technology Data Analytics services leverage technology and expertise to unlock hidden opportunities and insights. We help some of the world’s largest organizations prepare for future trends and achieve a distinct competitive edge.

At Fox-technology, our data analytics services are backed by two Centers of Excellence (CoE) — the Data Analytics CoE and the Advanced Data Visualization CoE. These labs have a pool of experts certified in big data and Data analytics. The Big Data certifications and Data Analytics certifications are from both industry leading vendors and Universities. Our experts work with customer teams in these Big data dedicated research labs. They conduct extensive tests and design effective data analytics solutions using both proven and cutting-edge methodologies.

The Fox-technology Data Analytics and Advanced Data Visualization CoEs provide valuable benefits to our clients. These include:

  • Dashboard and report audits, visualization designs, startup kits and best practices guidelines
  • Lab testing and tool evaluation experience and customer insights
  • Big data analytics training, big data certifications, business intelligence certifications, community sessions and partnership and alliance relationships
  • Big data tool evaluation frameworks, knowledge management repository, thought leadership, whitepapers, point of view (POV) papers and data analytics best practices documentation

Clients have come to rely upon our big data CoE labs to explore technology options and discover the best way to incorporate big data analytics, business intelligence and data visualization technologies. This would go a long way in improving operations, evaluating opportunities and planning their future strategy and road map.